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Working With What I’m Given

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Working With What I’m Given. Here is my card reading for the end of the day on August 29th.

What was my day like? (Morning, afternoon and night). 

Working With What I'm Given

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I used the American Flag playing card deck for this one.

J ♠️  and Q ♣️ could be me being a little pushy this morning with M&M because I didn’t have any work moved to a workable folder and it was her responsibility. 4 ♠️ I see as a feeling of being stuck in work, health and life in general. I know I need to make strong and consistent changes to make it all work. 

I used the Dark Mansion Tarot deck for this one.

dark mansion tarot

2 swords ⚔️ Calm steadiness and not getting in the middle or dragged into the drama. Wardrobe came up to me early in the day to tell me the boss lady was there but I didn’t care. Just trying to keep the peace. 

King 👑 of Pentacles he is away from his castle but surrounded by grapes and vines. All signs of living life forms and the grapes 🍇 are an indication of gaining wealth from what you have already planted. Forever rich. 

3 of cups is the phone call to Greg to wish him a happy birthday 🎈. 

August 30th

What do I need to know going into today?

I used the Dark Mansion Tarot for this pull.

Go into today with a child 🧒🏻 like wonder. Look at things through a child’s innocence. 

The card used here is from The White Rabbit playing card deck.

the white rabbit playing card deck

Don’t let my arrogance or ignorance get in the way of seeing what is really going on and I may actually learn something new. 

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