How Work Gets In The Way Of Your Fitness

Getting into a regular fitness routine is never easy. In fact, it’s a route pathed with excuses and reasons why not. You’d love to go out running tonight, but you have a lot of housework to do. You’re desperate to make use of your gym membership; only you don’t feel like you fit in. And, of course, you would love to finally get around to the home gym, only…you have to work?

That’s right. Home commitments and self-confidence aside, work is often in the way of fitness goals. Yet, few of us realize it. We may blame everything under the sun for our avoidance without realizing our careers are the real problem. As well as doing us a disservice, this leaves us unable to address the issue. And, thus, our get fit efforts are forever doomed.

But, how exactly does work get in the way of exercise? And, what can you do about it?

Work saps all your energy

Work saps all your energy

By the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is get dressed and go running. With Netflix and comfy clothes calling, it’s near enough impossible to find workout motivation. After all, don’t you work hard enough during the day? If this sounds familiar, why not change the way you approach exercise? If work leaves you without energy, an obvious solution would be to work out before you head off every day. You could do this by either getting up early or asking your boss if you can arrive late and leave late. Then, you can never use lacking energy as an excuse again.

Work leaves you physically unable to work out

Builders and office workers alike complain of strain injuries, especially in the neck and back. And, for obvious reasons, this can cause issues with fitness routines. Try lifting a set of weights after a day of sitting on inadequate office chairs. Make efforts, too, to know correct lifting procedures or exercises which can help avoid repetitive strain. A few weeks with these in place should leave you ready to rumble.

Work leaves you too little time

Work also takes up a shocking amount of time. Thus, working out can seem impossible. It may be that you don’t finish until the gym is closed, or that you start before it’s light. Sadly, you aren’t going to like this solution, but it’s the best option. By waking up earlier, you create hours in your day. Even waking up half an hour earlier may leave you time to do a quick session of yoga before you set out for the day. Failing that, make use of your lunch break. Head to the gym for a half an hour session, then grab a sandwich on your way back to work. Just like that, time won’t be an issue any longer!


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