Wife's First Experience at The Shooting Range

Wife's First Experience at The Shooting Range

Wife's First Experience at The Shooting Range

Wife’s First Experience at The Shooting Range. Well, it’s that time a year again when we start getting things together for the garden. Each year we save seats from what we plant. We usually start in January or February with the seeds. This year we’ve decided to try to grow tomatoes from my own seeds. Keep the plans at 78° while they sit on a heating mat.

Greg took me to the gun range so I could shoot a gun for the first time. We have talked about it for a long time and he has given me a lot of tips and pointers. I had an idea what to expect but until you pull the trigger for the first time you really don’t know.

at The Shooting Range

I tried a few different guns that we took with us so I could get a feel for the way that all shoots. My feeling is about the same as they were before going to the range. I know that you need to be respectful of what you can do with a gun. That’s a lot of responsibility to have and the use of a gun should never be taken lightly.

I know we will be going back again in a month or so for more practice. I feel a lot more comfortable now that I got the first visit out of the way.

One thing that I will work on is not tensing up so much. My body was really sore from shooting. I was concerned that I would not have control of the gun, so I was griping a little too hard. I’m grateful Greg was able to get a little footage without my knowledge so I could look back to see what I did right and wrong.

Stay safe and make sure if you have a gun in your home you are familiar with how to use it and learn all about gun safety.

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Wife’s First Experience at The Shooting Range


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