Why You Really Need a Massage (Like Now)

You might think that massages are a great way to relax and unwind. They can be after a long week at work, but there is far much more to them than that. There can be many health benefits to having a massage. So, that means you need to treat yourself to one, like right now!

Relaxes Muscles and Joints

This is probably what most people associate with massages, the way they relax the whole body. This can be a huge benefit if you suffer from something such as sciatica. It’s very common and very painful as you will find out by reading What is Sciatica? or other pains in your back or joints, as relaxed muscles and joints will be a lot less painful. As long as the masseuse knows what they are doing and they go deep enough it should be an amazing relief.

Headache and Migraine Relief

Headaches and migraines are often caused by stress and regular massages can reduce the risk of them occurring. This is a much better way to stop these painful afflictions than keep taking painkillers or other tablets.

Anxiety Reduction

A relaxed body is a healthy body and it can help towards a relaxed mind. A massage can half the number of stress hormones. So, why not just relax while it is happening but will help reduce future anxiety.

Improves Repetitive Strain Injuries

Injuries of this nature are caused by repeating the same action again and again, as explained in this article. The muscles become taught and very painful and generally rest and painkillers are prescribed. However, massaging the injury can release most of the tension in the affected muscles. It can help a great deal with the recovery from the injury.

Massages can help in the same way. If you are suffering because your job means you are sitting down all day. Constant sitting is not good for your lower back. A massage can relieve the strain and reduce the pain associated with this sort of problem.

Promotes Sleep

There are so many ways our busy and stressful lives can affect us. One of them is having trouble sleeping. The relaxing effects of a massage can promote sleep. So, as well as feeling better for your therapy, you will benefit from a good nights rest.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Research has shown that a weekly massage can boost your immune system. This is great for the people that tend to suffer from minor colds and ailments every year. It was discovered that a 45-minute body massage can be very beneficial for staving off some of these minor ailments.

Help Reduce Sagging And Wrinkles

A simple face massage can help reduce sagging and wrinkles. It can make your face, scalp and hair healthier too. Again, it is the relaxing effects that help you face to ward off the effects of aging.

A Relaxed Body Works Better

When your body is relaxed you blood flows easier. This has many health benefits including better organ functionality and improved cell growth. Conditions such as high blood pressure will also improve if you have regular massages.

Visiting a professional massage therapist is usually the best way. but there are times when self-massage can help as well. Sore legs muscles after a long walk are just one of the way we self-massage without even realizing it. We usually rub them to get the blood flowing and ease the soreness and that amounts to massaging them.


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