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Tornados, Peppers, Fruit, and Processing Tomatoes

Tornados, Peppers, Fruit, and Processing Tomatoes. It was an office workday and Greg was home working on the garden and picking food to be processed later in the day.

It was my first day back at the office and we had a tornado come through. If you follow my Youtube channel you may have seen the live video of us crammed in that hallway for safety.

We were moved to the safety location and stayed there for almost an hour before we were given the ok to get back to work. It also seems like the tornado warnings have become more frequent over the last 5 years but that could also be because we are closer to the mountains now. I remember driving home during a tornado back in 2015.

So, Greg has an obsession with Gordon Ramsay and Greg tried to cut peppers the way he was showing people to do it on TV. Check out the daily vlog below to see how it’s done. It really does work and even with crooked peppers.

slicing green peppers

So, it’s also that time of year for picking peaches off the trees. This is the first year that we’ve had a lot of peaches to process and it’s pretty cool. We are saving some for sangria mix.

Peaches and a pepper

Last year was a terrible year for tomatoes but this year is making up for last year. Greg and I peel the skin off the tomatoes and bag them up using our food saver. I honestly do not know what I would do without it.

Tornados Peppers Fruit Tomatoes

I went home at lunchtime. The weather was perfect about while Greg was in the garden picking tomatoes the tornado came through. He was able to get some footage that I was able to share in the daily vlog. Our weather was not supposed to hit until 5 pm but it came through around 2 pm.

tornado winds

So, we were safe and everything was fine. We did have many road closures. At the end of the day it was not as bad as it could have been.

Tornados, Peppers, Fruit, and Processing Tomatoes


5 thoughts on “Tornados, Peppers, Fruit, and Processing Tomatoes

    1. Over the last year, he has watched a lot of shows. When we go out to eat he likes to check and taste test food in the same way. It’s so funny.

    1. It was scary and a few years back I was at the office when one came through and he was outside working on the roof. I swear that he’s the one giving grey hairs. lol

  1. Wow, what a time! Tornados are sure scary – the devastation can be terrible. Glad you all were safe!

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