Tibetan Bon Cosmology

Tibetan Bon Cosmology

Tibetan Bon Cosmology

Tibetan Bon Cosmology. This month I started a class for Tibetan Bon Cosmology. I’m learning a ton of information and it can be a bit overwhelming. I want to soak up all the information but I also need time for it to process.

I know this path is the right one for me and I love that he gives you space to explore and test out what he teaches you. I’m learning from Padma Gonpo Rinpoche.

tibetan mo dice

He sent a bunch of goodies to go with the training he is providing. The class is a bit of an investment but it’s worth it in my opinion. The information you will learn is life-changing and mind-blowing.

tibetan cosmology charts

The School of Tibetan Bon is teaching me so much. In the future, I will be able to offer services to you but for now, I’m soaking in all the info.

I did a video unboxing of what was sent to help add to our studies. If you are interested in learning more about the class let me know and I can direct you to Padma Gonpo Rinpoche.

tibetan frog wands

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Tibetan Bon Cosmology


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