The Joy of Travel with No Destination

The Joy of Travel with No Destination

The Joy of Travel with No Destination. Nowadays, the modern form of travel seems to be to have everything meticulously booked in advance. Doesn’t this take away part of the great joy of traveling? The feeling of adventure and arriving in a new place. The thrill of spontaneity that you don’t know where each new day is going to take you. The stories that you will undoubtedly have to tell after getting back from a trip of this kind. Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the main reasons why you should consider traveling without a fixed destination in mind.

The Freedom of Choice

You have the total freedom to choose whatever you would like to do and go wherever you want to go. You are not bogged down by a pre-planned itinerary that leaves you fixed in what you are doing. It may seem a little scary at first, this is the way that you really get to know a place. Get underneath the surface of the main monuments and tourist traps. Access to modern technology, you know that you always have instant access to a map. If you get lost or if you are in desperate need of accommodation.

You Set the Agenda

In a group tour with lots of other people, you are restricted by the itinerary that is already laid out. However, when you set out on your own or with family, you can choose what you would like to do. If you aren’t happy with a place, you have the freedom to simply move on. This is an even more viable option if you choose to go on a camping trip. Camping trips are often the kind that lives long in the memory.

You Will Come Back with Plenty of Stories

How many stories can you possibly come back with about staying in an all-inclusive hotel? When you set out without a destination in mind, you are bound to come back with a host of anecdotes. It will amaze your friends and family. Even if what is happening at the time is bad, this will make for a great story when you return. You’re also more likely to visit places that have not been seen in the past. People are much more interested to hear these tales rather than ones about ones everyone has already visited.

So, there you have three of the main reasons why traveling without a destination is an incredible experience. If you are nervous, start on on a trip of just a couple of days before building this up over time.

The Joy of Travel with No Destination


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