The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg

The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg

The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg

The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg. Greg and I have something a little different from our usual breakfast. He made steak and eggs and onions and peppers. It was not the most beautiful breakfast but it tasted amazing!

steak and eggs

We drove out to Pennsylvania and took the Jeep for a drive. We have an issue with some newly paved roads and the yellow lines are crooked af. It’s kind of funny to look at though. 

We got a little out while we were looking for the place Greg wanted to take me but we found it.  

Historic Round Barn

Our Saturday drive destination was to The Historic Round Barn and Farm Market. It was an amazing place to visit. Apparently there are only a few places like it left.  

It was a lot of fun to see the animals and we found goats! I’m such a sucker for goats!!!

farm animal

We picked up a small pumpkin and gourds for the house. So, Greg found a few apples he wanted to try. We even found spicy apples? Did you even know that was a thing? 


As we were finishing up in the barn I found a way upstairs where they have wedding receptions. I thought it was beautiful. It makes me want to get married to Greg again. 

wedding reception idea

So, my plan for the weekend was to read a book called Night Boat To Tangier by Kevin Barry. So, It was a book Digger choose out for me one night but Digger apparently has awful Tates in books. This goes in a DNF pile. 

On Saturday I got my nails done because I felt like I should treat myself. Also, I think I was trying to give a reason why I could not help move file cabinets on Sunday. 

Dawn Rambles

So, I’m not sure if you know what a fire king file cabinet safe is but those suckers are heavy. I’m talking about over 1,000 pounds per file cabinet. We managed to get them out and that is really all that mattered. 

fire king file cabinet

The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg

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