Sunday Cooking and a Kitchen Workout and Reading a New Book

Sunday Cooking and a Kitchen Workout and Reading a New Book

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Sunday Cooking and a Kitchen Workout and Reading a New Book. It’s been a busy week but that is exactly what I need in my life right now Fitness is at the front of all I’m doing right now and the less time or energy I have to mess up the better it will be.

Sunday Cooking and a Kitchen Workout and Reading a New Book

Greg and I had to stop at Walmart to look for socks for him and to pick up a for sale sign to add to the jeep. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this yet but Greg is buying me a new 2020 Jeep Wrangler and I’m so excited about it! We are working on selling my old one.

shopping at Walmart

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Today was a pasta making day. Last year with bought a food saver and it’s been a lifesaver. Greg and I make as much as we can and save them as separate meals for the future. I love that we can have pasta any day of the week minus the mess.

We make sauce with out own tomatoes from the garden. We peel the skin and place them in a bag to be vacuum sealed and placed in the freezer until ready for use. Once we thaw the tomatoes from the freezer we add it to the pot and start from there. The details are in the vlog below if you want to see how we put this particular sauce together.

making sauce for pasta

One of the dishes we made on this day was a baked ziti dish. I wish you could have smelled the kitchen while we were cooking and baking. Last year when Greg has surgery we found out how useful doing meal prep like this could really be. I honestly think he will buy another freezer in the next year.

pasta meal prep

Once everything is baked we place them in containers and seal them to place in the freezer. Each container holds dinner for 2.

food saver recipes

We also picked a lot of peppers from the garden. We also freeze them as well as dry them to make our own spices. One important thing to remember about growing your own peppers is to make sure you don’t cut them on anything else you would want to use in the future. The spice does not clean off knives or cutting boards and the spice will stick with it forever (if your peppers are good quality).

spicy peppers n the garden

I will also have a video up soon to explain why ground turkey smells so bad. I did a video asking why they smell awful and apparently a lot of people had the same questions. It’s a valid question for sure. It really boils down to the quality (or lack of…) in the meat used to make it.

Sunday Cooking

I thought it would be a good idea to get my leg workout done while I was cooking in the kitchen, I mean…why not kill 2 birds with one stone…right?! I just grabbed a pair of dumbbells and went at it. There are other exercises you can do while cooking so no excuses over here!

Kitchen Workout

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Sunday Cooking and a Kitchen Workout and Reading a New Book


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