Starting a Tree Garden chat

Starting a Tree Garden

Starting a Tree Garden

Starting a Tree Garden. Just a typical Saturday around the Rambles household. The weekend means it’s time to work in the yard and add fruit trees. Our main goal was to get all the trees in the yard so they can get lots of sun. We spent some time to map out where we want to plan the trees before we got going.

planning where the trees go

Our yard is full of rocks so as we were digging to plan to the trees we took the rocks and placed them in the truck to be moved to another part of the yard. There are certain parts in the yard that tend to wash out so the rocks should help slow it down or stop it completely.

Starting a Tree Garden chat

Greg and I work well as a team. Taking care of this yard and getting it functional is a great workout.

picking up rocks

I make sure to take water breaks so I don’t get dehydrated and sick. I can’t be any help to Greg if I end up in the hospital.

drinking water

Greg mentioned that the trees needed to be in water for 4 hours before planting them. We filled a bucket up with water and placed the trees in them while we finished working on the yard.

watering the trees

Digger misses us when we are outside for long periods of time. We bring him outside with us as much as we can. It’s also a great excuse for a break from all our hard work.

taking a break with Digger

The rock sifter Greg made is working out well. It helps us separate the rocks from the dirt very quickly.

sifting rocks

The tiller is a must to help us mix the dirt up and soften the soil so we can dig holes for the trees.

using the tiller

We noticed a bunch of ants while we were working in the yard so we got corn meal to get rid of them. Did you know that cornmeal working on getting rid of ants? It surprised me but it does work.

After a long day in the yard Greg and I went to Chipotle for dinner. I love a good burrito bol. It make me a happy wife 😉

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Starting a Tree Garden


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