So Many Fruit Trees

So Many Fruit Trees

real estate textbooks

A beautiful Saturday morning and I spent it at the office working on my real estate class. It’s a lot to go over and I feel like I have information overload.

one kind word

Look at the new picture we have for the office. It says ‘one kind word can change someone’s day’. I love the saying and it’s so true. Kindness does not hurt you and really can change the attitude of another. Try it and I promise you will see the change it can make in another person.

shopping for plants so many fruit trees

Once my class was over Greg and I had lot’s to do. Another trip to look for items for the garden. We are also looking at possible additions to our orchard.

truck shopping

Did I mention that Greg is looking at trading in his Toyota Tacoma for a Toyota Tundra? I guess we will find out soon if decided to trade in his current truck for a new one.

So Many Fruit Trees

While Greg was cutting the grass I worked in the yard with the trees. It’s a good amount of work to get everything planted but it’s totally worth it all. I could not think of a better way to spend the weekend. There is something special about growing your own food.


Of course this was another grilling and food prep weekend.

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