Shopping, Taking Wrong Turns and Imperfect Foods

Shopping, Taking Wrong Turns and Imperfect Foods

Shopping, Taking Wrong Turns and Imperfect Foods

It’s Sunday and today is all about running errands and getting housework done. We left Digger for a little while so he could get some rest. We took him to the vet a few days ago and they put some drops in his ear to help with an ear infection. So, we are doing everything we can now but his hearing is not good while the medicine is working. They did tell us he could possibly go deaf so of course, we’re watching him closely.

Digger sleeping

Greg and I went to Walmart for a few items and we saw the jalapeno m&m’s. We did not get them because we figured they would taste awful and the only bag we found was a large one. I’ve tried Tabasco chocolate candy before and it was good but I don’t have a good feeling about this one. I’m not sure why. Have you tried them? Let me know.

talking to the camera

Once we finished our shopping we decided to take a road we’ve never been on before. We do this from time to time to learn our way around different areas. I guess that’s what some people call a Sunday drive. It was cool and we like finding new areas we may want to purchase property in.

Sunday drive

Later in the day I was on Facebook and there was a sponsored ad for Imperfect Produce. I’ve never heard of this or seen it before today. The concept is cool. They take imperfect foods and sell them in a monthly box subscription. These would be goods that would not sell in stores because of the odd shapes.

I am intrigued just because some of our fruits and veggies come out looking strange so it’s nice to know it’s not just me.

imperfect produce

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