Target shopping

Shopping Haul and We Scored Big Time

Shopping Haul and We Scored Big Time

We started the day off slow before we went out to do some shopping. I saw that 5 Below had some cute strapless bras that I wanted to look at. With so many summer dresses and off the shoulder tops that I owe it only makes sense. They are so cheap plus 5 Below has some yoga pants I want to look at.

I have been wearing more makeup lately but with the weather changing I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible.

chevy nova

Greg took the Nova and moved it to the front yard. We are trying to sell the car because if we move the car can’t come with us. Don’t get us wrong, we love the car but it’s won’t make sense to have the Nova on a farm. We talked about it but the car is a gas guzzler and there are not many gas stations where we want to move to.

Greg and I went to Target and have not been there for a while since the credit card issue they were having. Remember when people had their credit card info stolen? I’ve missed Target because they do have awesome stuff and they always get the cool new things first.

Also, when we went to 5 Below the sports bras were cheaper than I expected them to be. The price was $3 instead of $5 each. It was a great score.

As we were leaving Target I did a quick video to show you the new flavored gum I found. I love finding new gum flavors because I’m a simple person and the simple things make me so happy.

Target shopping

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