September 8th Day In The Life

He Likes It September 8th Day In The Life

He Likes It – 2014

September 8th Day In The Life. We have a family member in the hospital and I’m was hit with the flu bug. I rambled a bit at the start of my vlog but that’s what I do. We need your prayers and good thoughts because we have a lot going on right now.

Digger got Green Bark Gummies bears as a Swaggable gift and he actually liked them. He is a typical picky chihuahua. 

I went to Zumba class tonight and it was the instructors last class. It was fun and sad at the same time. She had her boyfriend come to the class to video some of the class for her own memories. 

September 8th Day In The Life

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He Like’s It – 2014


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