September 6th Day In The Life

Curio Cabinet Adventure

Curio Cabinet Adventure – 2015

I started my day before 6 am and packed up my cooler for a day at the office. I eve saw a groundhog on my drive. 

I’ve been working on taking real breaks during that day and walking through the parking lot.

Greg put a baby gate on hinges so I can lock Digger out of the closet when I need to. My closet is still coming together and everything is looking pretty good at the moment. There is still a lot of work to be done but we are making it feel like home. 

Over the weekend Greg and I stopped to look at some old cars at a car show. After that, we drove through the woods to get a curio cabinet. It was an interesting drive for sure. The store we went to had some beautiful items. We will need to go back there soon. Greg surprised me with a new Betty Boop collection and yes I am totally spoiled. 

Curio Cabinet Adventure

Ups and Downs of Life – 2014

I have a lot weighing on my mind recently. I just want to say that the little stresses in life mean nothing compared to what your bigger picture is all about. Sometimes I feel like life is too harsh and I have way more on my shoulders than I can handle. 

Greg is still on his green smoothie kick and he thinks he can force me to drink it too I think I will stick to chicken and cabbage. He did actually get me to try a drink of it but Greg would call it a sip. 

Our neighbor stopped by for an update on his life. He’s a cool kid. He has his moments when he gives him mom a hard time but he listens to us when he comes over to visit. 

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Ups and Downs of Life

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