September 5th Day In The Life

Dark Skies and New Windows

Dark Skies and New Windows – 2016

September 5th Day In The Life. I’ve got a lot going on and I’m hoping that things will settle down in a month or so. Greg and I are getting new windows for a total of 8 windows. It will only cover some of the ones we need to replace. We have grids in the windows like I wanted. The windows were all installed but one window had a defect so we need to decide on what to do about that. Greg and I were able to get some BBQ from 3 Hogs and it was amazing as always. 

The days are getting shorter and the sky is getting dark early. It’s kinda depressing. The boat is finally registered so we can put it in the water. I’m pretty excited about all of that. We did a little shopping for items we need for the boat before we take it out. 

The garden is pretty much over at this point. I guess we will close it for the season. Wr also have apple actually growing on the tree’s.

Dark Skies and New Windows

Super Soaker Storm – 2014

Tis the season for major rain storms and the weather is not letting us down. I’m looking forward to my vacation. We had rain and it was coming down pretty hard too. There is also a pretty bad flu going around and I’m hoping that I can avoid it before my staycation. 

When I got home from work Greg was walking through the flooding in the backyard. It’s getting pretty bad out there. There was a road and train tracks that caved in and it was insane. Be safe out there Y’all

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Super Soaker Storm

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