September 4th Day In The Life


#ProjectGettingItBack – 2017

Happy Labor Day! It’s day number 2 of prep and my weight is currently at 154.8. Greg and I also picked up a bookshelf we found on the Facebook marketplace. It was a great find. 

I’m working out and we will call it #ProjectGettingItBack because that’s what we are trying to do. While I’m working out Greg is trying a payday candy bar in bbq flavor and he actually liked it. 


Crickets – 2014

I hate driving behind trucks that carry rocks and dirt because I know they will bust my windshield. Digger tried to bite me when I tried to save him from a cricket and it was a whole drama fest and none of us really got any sleep. I skipped the gym because I was sleep deprived. My schedule will be changing soon and I will be on an earlier schedule finally. 

I had to call Fitbit about an issue with the band stretching too much but they are going to take care of it so I’m happy. 

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