September 3rd Day In The Life

Greg Is Going To End Up In Jail

Greg Is Going To End Up In Jail – 2017

September 3rd Day In The Life

I’m starting an 8-week prep and my official weigh in this morning was 154.8. I made my favorite breakfast this morning and it’s just protein (pick the one you want), salsa, avocado and hot sauce. It’s the best thing in the morning.

The sunflowers have all opened up and they are so pretty. I’m impressed because it’s the first time I’ve tried to grow sunflowers and they are still alive. 

We have a ton of hot peppers that are growing too. We have habaneros, ghost, Carolina reapers, red chili and jalapeno peppers. 

BGE cut some of the tree’s down for us and Greg said a man came by and asked if he could take all the cut wood so that works out well for us. We still have a dead tree in the yard that you can see through It’s crazy to look at. 

One of the stumps has a ton of ants and termites so Greg set it on fire to see if we could get rid of those bugs. I’m so terrified of fire and I was so worried the police were going to come and make a big deal about the whole situation. 

Greg Is Going To End Up In Jail

That Shoe Life – 2015

Greg and I tried the Boom Chicka Pop and we are not fans of that popcorn. I guess we will give them to the crows. Greg’s pineapple is still growing and we are doing our best to keep them alive. We also have a huge bag of concord grapes and they smell amazing. I wish Y’all could smell them. I’ve never had grapes that actually taste like grapes smell. I think we need to figure out how to make our own wine. I will add that to my bucket list. 

I went through my shoe cabinet to take inventory of what I have and I’m also going through all my purses too. 

I was hanging out on snapchat a lot this evening too while it rained cats and dogs outside. 

The Shoe Life

Working On Video Ideas – 2014

I woke up this morning thinking it was a weight training night but it’s actually a cardio night. It’s all good and I’ve got goals, and I need to look amazing in my jeans and boots.

Why does my nose always start itching when I get on camera to do video. Tonight I made a video to explain how I manage to get a gallon of water in per day. I would love to answer any of your health and fitness related questions if you leave them for me. I just want to help people as much as I can. 

I’m working on some new video ideas to so if you have any requests be sure to leave them below for me. 

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Working On Video Ideas

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