September 2nd Day In The Life

A Touch of Color

A Touch of Color – 2014

September 2nd Day In The Life

Started my day off at work early before heading out to the salon to get my hair done. It was time to get something done to the craziness that is on top of my head. I go to my stylist and I never know what we will do to it until she is done. I trust her completely and I’ve even done purple hair and it was super cute.

I’m still trying to get my skin to heal from all the breakouts I’ve had recently. 

I bring my iPad with me to the salon so I can read magazines from the Next Issue / Texture app while I’m waiting for the color to kick in. It’s $15 a month but totally worth it in my opinion. 

Oh, my question of the day: What bug scares you the most? I hate crickets and grasshoppers because they jump at you. Let me know what insect bugs (haha…get it?!) the most. Digger hates fleas but we give him a medicine called comfortis and it’s the best thing for fleas and works really well for him. We crush the pill and sprinkle it on banana so he can get it down ok.

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A Touch of Color

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