September 1st Day In The Life

September 1st Day In The Life

Stay Cation

2014 – Stay Cation

September 1st Day In The Life: Well, today is the start to my staycation and all we did was veg in front of the tv all day. I could not ask for a better way to start my vacation off. We had a call from a charity place that picks up old household items and clothes. Greg and I try to get things together for them once a month. It’s great because we are cleaning out the house and helping charity at the same time.

Vacation is nice but I do need to get active and off my butt.

Stay Cation

2013 – Fruit Loop Loopy Vodka is Good

I was at the store and saw Muscle and Fitness Hers and I decided to stop getting the year subscription and replaced it with Oxygen magazine and they were sold without any warning. It was pretty awful the way that they did it too. Greg and I tried the loopy vodka and it tastes just like fruit loops and really good when it’s cold.

Greg and I also did some shopping at the mall because it’s fall and we need to pick up some candles with the different scents. I also wanted to do some shopping at Forever 21 and a few other stores. The mall also has old car shows each weekend so we planned on doing that and a quick trip to Gino’s for burgers and old bay french fries.

Once we do this I’m going to bring it all back in because my face is breaking out and it’s telling me to stop eating all this junk food. OMG, Greg bought me some skinny girl jeans in a size 1. I’m in shock but I feel amazing. Goals are attainable if you just stick with them. 

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Fruit Loop Loopy Vodka is Good

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