Salon Day, Topless Jeep, Tarot and Living Your True Life

Salon Day, Topless Jeep, Tarot and Living Your True Life

I got an early start to the day. When I head to the salon it’s an all-day affair. My goals are in place and I’m going to work hard to make myself healthy and proud again.

I’ve had a change of heart and mind recently and I’m looking at life and all my challenges in a new light. I will go into that a little more in a different post but for now, let’s talk about my busy day.

I packed up my meals for the day and made my favorite side dish of sliced cucumbers. Have you ever tried the Flavor god garlic lovers spice? It’s one of my favorites! I also prefer to use the Texas Pete Sriracha because it’s the perfect amount of spice for the cucumbers.

It was a beautiful day to ride to the other side of town with the top down on the jeep. I love riding around and enjoying the sun even if I do get a little sunburned.

Topless Jeep

I talked with my stylist and we decided to go back to a lighter color because I think it looks best when I have my hair down and let the waves take over. The curly girl method has changed my way of doing things. I love that I’m embracing the wildness of my hair.

Salon Day

So, while I was on the other side of town I decided to stop at Arundel Mills Mall and pick up a new tarot deck. I’ve added the Santa Muerte deck to the collection and I’m in love with the art on this deck. So, I am working with tarot cards and I really enjoy it all.

Tarot and Living Your True Life

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