Orchard Status, Betty Boop and Liquor Collection

Orchard Status, Betty Boop and Liquor Collection

Orchard Status, Betty Boop and Liquor Collection. Greg and I got a late vlogging start today. It was hot and sunny all day and we decided to take a walk around the yard and show you all the cool stuff happening. The orchard trees are blooming and getting ready for the year ahead. I love that we use the yard to grow food and we are not wasting the property that we have.

Easter flowers

The Easter flowers are coming up and the signs of spring are everywhere. I love seeing flowers that grow around trees or even old stumps. The flowers I took a picture of above are next to the crab apple tree that we had to take down.

Digger laying upside down

Digger was feeling the effects of the heat so he tried to stay in the house and pretend to be sleeping. You have to love how comfortable he can get.

Greg helped me put together the new Betty Boop dolls we bought. So, my collection is really growing fast. We have the room in the house so we are free to collect as many as we can or until Greg tells me my collection is taking over the whole house.

Betty Boop cheerleader

Greg ordered vodquila and some JR Ewing from a specialty liquor store in Florida. The first box that came to us was broken so they had to reship.

strong liquor

We are going to need to shop for wine soon too. So, our wine cabinet is not full and we always try to keep the cabinet full 😉

wine cabinet

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