Learning to Drive a Stick Shift

Learning to Drive a Stick Shift 😱

blood pressure medicine

Learning to Drive a Stick Shift 😱. You will be happy to know that I’ve been taking my blood pressure medicine as I should. It’s not always easy to remember but I’m doing better with each day. Greg made us a spicy breakfast this morning. We plan on speeding up my metabolism one way or another.

chatting while on the couch

Today is a no workout day but I will be cleaning the house and working in the yard. There is not as much as you would think when it comes to getting the yard and garden together for the year. Everything happens so quickly. Our Easter flowers are coming up now too.

spring flowers

For years I’ve been interested in fortune telling with playing cards and I’m getting into it more lately. This form of cartomancy has always interested me. It goes back to when I was 18 and got my first reading. The woman who read my cards was very accurate.

3 card daily spread

Greg took me out for a driving lesson this afternoon. We were on some backroads and he thought it was a good time to let me drive the truck that is a stick shift. He really wants me to learn how to drive the 5 speed. I make it harder than it needs to be because I actually did a decent job this afternoon. Don’t tell Greg I said this but it’s fun too.

Learning to Drive a Stick Shift

While we were out we stopped at a random yard sale and I got a few decorative items for the house.

yard sale finds

Once we got back home our attention turned to meal prep. It seems like we are always cooking out on the grill.

cooking on the grill

For a change in meals we made chili and it’s spicy (of course). We may save a few portions that I can freeze and keep for later.


Learning to Drive a Stick Shift 😱

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