Kitchen Experiment, Hanging with Digger and Future Plans

Kitchen Experiment, Hanging with Digger and Future Plans

Kitchen Experiment, Hanging with Digger and Future Plans

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Kitchen Experiment, Hanging with Digger and Future Plans. Vlogmas is here and I’m getting this last bit of vlog clips together so we can jump feet first into Vlogmas.

Greg decided to make his version of a burrito bol dip and it came out as a major winner. A recipe will be coming in the near future. We wanted to make sure that we have it perfect before sharing it with y’all. I will tell you that it is super simple to make.

Kitchen Experiment
Kitchen Experiment

One of our favorite stores will be closing before the end of the year. We got an email from Kitchen Collections that they will be closing all stores by the end of the year.

This was the weekend that the time changed so we were all messed up with our timing. While we were out Greg got hungry so we did not get to the store as planned and just went home to eat lunch.

Daily Rambles

Digger is getting a little older and his body is not working like it used to. He does not seem to realize that in his older age he should take it easy. He is just like Greg in that respect.

Digger has been to the vet and they did x-rays and took some blood work. Nothing major came back but we know is that Digger needs to take it easy. It’s getting harder for him to breath and this cold weather is not doing him any favors.

Hanging with Digger

I’ve taken a lot of time this year to figure out what I want out of life. My hope is to be a positive light in this world and not bring negativity into it. This does not mean I’m perfect and flawed because we all are. I just know that I’m working on not jumping into situations and I’ve taken a step back to experience what is going on around me. So, I don’t need to be the center of attention (all the time). I mean…I do like attention but I don’t need to be greedy with it 😉

It’s also important for me to do the things that interest me and serve others also. More on that to come soon.

Future Plans

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The Job Spotter app has been good to us recently so Greg and I bought some items off Amazon. So, I saw this Happy Tarot deck on Amazon and I was drawn to it. I’ve done a few readings and it’s been accurate. It’s like we have a good language together already.

Happy tarot deck

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Kitchen Experiment, Hanging with Digger and Future Plans


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