Costco Has Awesome Glasses

January 9th Day In The Life

January 9th Day In The Life

Costco Has Awesome Glasses – 2018

If you need glasses I could not recommend costco enough. I love the selection they have and the glasses are lighweight and super cute. I love them so much! 

Going Back to Doubles – 2017

In the spirit of keeping things simple this year I have decided to keep my meals simple and my workouts twice a day. Greg is being a trooper and going to join me on this whole keto journey.

Greg bought new headlights for my jeep wrangler so they won’t be an ugly yellowish color. I have a hard enough time seeing at night so the yellow headlights have to go.

Life should not be all work and no play so 2017 is going to be the ramp to jump off and into big old pile of happiness. You have to be yourself but you should also have an open mind to understand others. I think it’s amazing to learn about people and what makes us special.

Passive Aggressive Husband – 2016

So, I guess I’ve been a little moody lately according to Greg. I’m trying to organize my closet by placing hangers backward and when I wear something I move the hangers the right way. It’s easier to see what clothes should go to charity or goodwill.

Digger was a little aggressive this evening also. Not sure what the boys have been drinking lately. Putting the house together is like putting a puzzle together and it takes time but it will get there. The house is old and there are a lot of things that need attention. Greg picked up 3 olives tart vodka because he told me that I need period medicine as his passive-aggressive way of telling me I’ve been moody.

A 2x Gym Day – 2014

I’m trying to wear my hair down more so I bought some scrunchies because the regular ponytail holders leave dents in my hair. I was watching another vlogger today that was talking about all her dirty dishes because she does not have a dishwasher. It was funny to me because we don’t have a dishwasher either but Greg does dishes so it’s not a big deal to me.

I had a pretty good workout and when we left the gym the temperature was in the 30s so it was feeling good to me because we have been dipping into the teens lately. I was just very grateful for the nice weather. Greg and I decided to explore some areas where Greg grew up and we took some pictures with the DSLR. I’m doing 2 a day gym visits and the stepmill is my cardio of choice. I went right after I went to the eyeglasses store to get my new pair for the year.

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