Mixture of Snow and Ice is Called Rice

January 8th Day In The Life

January 8th Day In The Life

Mixture of Snow and Ice is Called Rice – 2018

We had rice come down aka ice and rain coming down at the same time. Greg’s jeep was dirty but it goes through the snow and ice just fine. We had to stop at the dollar store to get some mucus relief. It’s been 2 months and we are still sick. I have goals this year to be more organized to be able to get more things done. 

Home Remedy for the Flue Adult Version – 2017

Today was my salon trip and we went with a rose gold hair color and I’m loving it! I also picked up some items from AC Moore for my bullet journal. I’m excited to get started with the journal and I’m also expanding from just a fitness journal. We will see what I can come up with.

Greg made an adult home remedy for the flu so here is it:

1 tsp of real honey

3 shots of buffalo trace bourbon

½ tsp of lemon juice

It will either make you feel better or help you forget you were feeling bad in the first place.

Bad News #NotReally – 2016

We got a popcorn container from the finance company that helped us get the house. I think I have a popcorn addiction now and digger even likes the cheese popcorn. Oh, a little bit of bad news…we did not win the lottery as we planned. Maybe next time will be better. Greg has been busy trying to organize our excess food and also trying to organize the basement gym.

Heartbroken – 2015

Heartbroken does not even begin to explain the pain that I’ve been through with my daughter and mother. I decided to post this video to show just how toxic these relationships were. Mother-daughter relationships are never easy. I let my guard down and I decided to share this video instead of deleting it. This is the most painful video I’ve ever made but I feel so much better now that I got this off my chest. It’s a jumbled mess of a video but that’s the way my emotions have been lately.

Sharing My Measurements – 2014

It seems like I’m getting sick so I’m trying to nurse myself back to health. It seems like I always get sick around this time of the year. No fun! I also took a big girl step and share my stats and measurements with Y’all. I will try to stay up on this and share them each week.

Weight: 132.8

Neck: 12.2

Bicep: 9.9

Forearm: 6.6

Chest: 34.8

Small Waist: 29.1

Waist: 33.3

Hips: 39

Thigh: 18.6

Calf: 14.2

This is all to hold myself accountable for where I am. I would say this is not terrible after all the sweets through the holidays.

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