NN Lemon Studios and Salon Visit to Darken My Hair Color

January 6th Day In The Life

January 6th Day In The Life

NN Lemon Studios and Salon Visit to Darken My Hair Color – 2019

I spent the afternoon with my girlfriend Dawnn to finish setting up our Etsy shop. We have put together printables for many different planners. She even made us lunch in the air fryer and it was really good. Greg and I bought one but have not used ours yet.

This was also a salon week visit and I decided to go with a darker color. I just want to make my hair as healthy as possible and I know the bleach is not good for my hair.

Still Not Feeling Well – 2018

Greg and I are still not feeling weel. He bought a humidifier to help us but this flu needs to kick rocks. 

Skinny Jean Goals – 2017

I asked Greg to go line-dancing and he told me when I can wear my skinny jeans. I guess I’m going back on Keto and he will help me because he knows that’s one of my goals for the year. We had snow falling tonight and it looked like falling stars at first. So beautiful. On a good note, I got my first workout of the year in. I’m finally starting to feel better for the first time of the year.

Let’s Be Friends Everywhere – 2016

It was only 16 degrees this morning so I stuck the ice packs for my 6 pack cooler in the attic to see if it would freeze. Are we the only ones with blocks of ice bottles in out vehicles? Tell me we are not the only ones. We bought a shrink kit for the windows to try to keep some of that cold air out of the house where it belongs. Digger knows the warm spots in the house because he always ends up in the sun.

Tell me what your favorite talk show is. Also, I’m adding Y’all on all the social media channels I can and be sure to follow me also. I’m Dawn Rambles everywhere (just come find me). So, we went to America’s Best and I bought 2 new pairs of glasses. I was extremely impressed with their level of customer service and will be going back again when it’s time for another checkup. For anyone wondering the ice pack did not freeze in the attic but they were cold.

Doctors Appointment – 2014

I’m on vacation but took the morning to see my doctor. Greg has been pushing me to go because my blood pressure is a bit high and he wants me to look into it. My blood pressure was fine and I will get bloodwork done in a month or two to make sure everything else is fine.

My Favorite Breakfast – 2013

Zumba class first thing today. Then it’s off to tackle the house so I can start the year off with a clean home. We also have la-z-boy coming to the house to fix Greg’s chair. We’ve only had this furniture for a year so there is no reason he should have a problem with it already. Greg told me his mom would open cans without a can opener and just use a knife. Have you ever heard of that before?

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