Learning Life Lessons The Hard Way

January 5th Day In The Life

January 5th Day In The Life

Learning Life Lessons The Hard Way – 2018

Greg tried to open the jeep door and it was frozen and so were the house windows and storm doors. Greg stuck his finger to the door and it got stuck. I had to laugh at him because it ripped the skin off his finger. Today was the last day of work before my staycation. I’m still sick from this flu shot so I hope to just relax during my vacation. 

Storage for Makeup Brushes – 2017

I’m not feeling good so I decided to make my day a short one. I’m working more than a 40 hour week and not getting paid for it so I decided to take off early. Greg has been on me for all the hours I’m putting in. It’s a pizza night because I’m eating what my body wants and I’m sick. I’m just going with the flow of things for now.

Greg bought me marble rocks so I could make a storage place for my makeup brushes. He’s a good husband.

New Year, New Week, New Schedule – 2016

My new schedule sucks. I’m back to doing fasted cardio but keeping it simple with just 20 minutes. Oh no, we are getting flurries and the temperature is dropping quick. I’m trying something new with the quest bars and cutting them up in little snack bites so it will seem like I have a lot to eat. We will see how that works out for me. When it gets cold outside we need to take him to the basement so he can go to the bathroom (ahh, the life of a chihuahua momma). We have a long winter ahead of us.

Measurments are Done – 2015

I’m getting my workouts in early. We are staring this year off right. I’m also using the gym at home. Greg bought some weights for the house. I’m also working on getting my steps in.

My Burrito Bol – 2014

Zumba class this afternoon even with a pinch in my neck. I ‘m getting into the spring cleaning mode lately too. I know it’s not even close to spring but let’s just go with it. We still have the Christmas tree up but I”m working on getting that down. Greg and I are keeping track of all receipts we have so that we know where all our money is going. It will also be easier for us to locate them for warranties and returns. 

Greg educated me on how you can open a can with a knife instead of a can opener. I swear it’s nothing for me to come home and find that we no longer have a can opener because Greg will get mad at them and throw them out. Oh, I tried my hand at making my own version of a burritto bol today and it came out pretty good. 

Ask Me Anything – 2014

I’m trying to make it make it through to Wednesday. I took a walk and guys are honking their horn at me because I’m sexy. Lol

So, I find so many liquor bottles around the outside if my office its kind of disturbing. Putting together a spreadsheet of all the people I follow on YouTube is really helping me stay organized and on top of watching everyone.

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