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January 4th Day In The Life

January 4th Day In The Life

Organizing My Shoe Closet | Clean With Me – 2019

It’s the beginning of the year and it’s time to clean out my shoe closet. This is a big undertaking but it needs to be done. Hang out with me while I speed clean the shoe closet. One of my goals for the year is to be more organized and share more cleaning videos with y’all.

Snow and Ice Work Day – 2018

We got some snow this morning but work is still on for the day and I refuse to use my own time. I have this cold that is still kicking my butt but it seems like I’m always sick at the start of the year. I have vacation next week so I will be able to relax and hopefully get better. 

Our Mail Went Missing – 2017

Why do I always get sick at the start of the new year?! Oh, we also noticed that we are missing mail so I guess USPS has had some issues this year.

Wanna Snuggle With Me? – 2016

We did a little shopping and checking out some property while we consider flipping homes. I really don’t want to move because I love our home but you never know what the future may hold. Oh, I’m loving my new camera case because I can use my camera while it’s in the case and it protects my camera. I’m loving it! We bought a door draft cover thing to keep the cold air from coming in. I spent my Bath and Body Works gift card and I love their candles. We also made chili so I have food this week. Don’t ya just love meal prep?!

Doubles at the Gym – 2015

It’s time to get back to doing doubles at the gym. I love doing it because there is no time in the day to mess up because I’m too busy. So, I made turkey burgers so my week will be a good one. I try to keep it simple. We are keeping it simple and just cooking and cleaning today. It’s a good jump start to the new year. What gym class do you love to take? I like Zumba but loved my clubbing cardio class but that was more gym specific and is not available at most gyms.

Toolbox vs Mac – 2014

I took a morning Zumba dance class. It’s a fun class and a great way to get moving. I love the change from what I normally do. I had water but it turned into a block of ice so that was a major fail. We did a little appliance shopping today also. It’s a process to find the right one but I’m sure we will figure it out one of these days. I want a MacBook and Greg wants a toolbox but I think I should win this battle. What do y’all think?

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