January 3rd Day In The Life

January 3rd Day In The Life

January 4th Day In The Life

You Can Never Have Too Many 6 Pack Coolers – 2018

January 3rd Day In The Life. I purchased a new pink cooler (of course it’s pink). Let me also admit that I have an addiction to 6 pack cooler bags. The one I picked up holds 3 containers and is smaller than the first one I got. I’m so pumped over the new cooler.

It’s a Treat Launcher – 2017

Am I the only one who love artificial trees because they chance of them catching on fire are a lot less than a real tree? Just checking…

DayQuil always makes me sleepy and I took some before we meet up with family for a lunch date. I’m starting the year off by cleaning up the house. Digger got a treat launcher from his Aunt Ja Pina.

Skinny Sexy – 2016

We headed out to a Costco near us today. I’m trying to show my OOTD but so far it’s all about the sweats. I can’t help it, I love to be comfortable. Greg and I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and we share out meal when we eat there so we get variety and cut some calories. Greg can’t see without his glasses but that’s also why he thinks I’m the sexiest woman alive. Lol

It’s a fact of life that your body needs to move and there is nothing wrong with cardio 7 days a week in my opinion. I got a new camera case from my stepson for Christmas this year. I need to make sure the camera is protected.

We are trying to find a way to circulate the heat from the living room to the back part of the house. We will see how this works out for us. We are also considering getting Netflix to replace Comcast so let us know if you have any experience with making that change.

Ready For My Staycation – 2014

Dressing warmly is all that I want during these cold months. So, I pinched my neck and I think I grabbed my bags to quickly. I seem to do this often so I should be more careful. So, today is the start of my vacation as I walk out the door of my office. Yes!!!

January 3rd Day In The Life

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