January 31st Day In The Life

January 31st Day In The Life

January 31st Day In The Life

Spring Is Around The Corner – 2018

Greg has his pepper grow operation set up. They are coming up and I feel like spring is right around the corner. It’s important that we start growing everything now so they will be ready to be planted in a few months.

We Found The GoPro – 2016

My boys spent the morning relaxing on the couch together. I got a new Valentine’s Day Betty Boop that we added to my collection. Oh and we took some time to look for the GoPro and we finally found it so we can get it sold. Greg added a closet door in my pink room and it took me a while to even notice it because I don’t pay attention to anything. lol

I cleaned my makeup brushes this afternoon with baby shampoo. I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and doing all the things I needed to do around the house. We ended the day the same way we started it by relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Work Tailgate Party – 2014

XM radio was rocking the 90s music this morning and it made me want to go to a club instead of the office. I had a cop follow me for 3 miles and it scares me because I just know they want to throw me in jail before I can make it to work. I know I get dramatic but that’s what makes me special.

Today was our office tailgate party with a ton of snacks I could not have. I did take a few things but I tried to simple and to a small portion size.

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