January 30th Day In The Life

January 30th Day In The Life

January 30th Day In The Life

Bawling My Eyes Out – 2018

I have a ton of hair tools that I don’t use so I’m trying to organize what I use and what I don’t use. It’s a bit of a process when dealing with my hair.

Greg and I tried to give Digger his medicine this morning and he went all crazy chihuahua on me. We need to see if we can take him back to the vet to have them give him his medicine. I just can’t do it.

A Much Needed Break – 2016

I took the day off from the office because I didn’t feel like going in and I felt like I really needed a break. We ended up at Costco and tried to get our taxes done but it was a major fail and we will need to go back.

Greg threw pretzel rods outside in the yard for the animals. We hate to see them suffer during the winter months so we try to feed what ever comes around.

I had a good workout and Greg wanted pizza so we had that for dinner. He’s going to corrupt me.

Weekend Recap – 2014

I wore my overalls today and I love them so much. Greg and I went to the market and just enjoyed the day out together. I tried mango for the first time and they were really good. I love going to the fresh market.

1/30 – 2013

Work has been really stressful so I’mm taking out the stress when I’m at the gym. It really helps to take my mind off things.

I did some time of the stepmill. It’s my favorite workout equipment. Doing these videos is also a great way for me to get all my thoughts out on fitness and life stressors. I know in the end that everything will be ok. You have to let your guard down and take chances from time to time. Hang in there and everything will work out in the end.

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