January 2nd Day In The Life

January 2nd Day In The Life

January 2nd Day In The Life

I Was Jammin’ – 2018

The plan is to take things slow and focus on getting this weight off in a healthy way. I decided that I will take vacation next week because I love to take the first full week of the year. It gives me a chance to start the year off on a good foot. I can get organized and relax. We will take it easy and enjoy a nice week of staycation.

Craving Tilapia – 2017

Have you ever had one of those days where you just crave tilapia? Today was one of those days for me. It was delicious and all I did was add old bay and salsa for a different flavor. I can’t be the only one who loves the new year cleaning and organizing. It was a productive day for sure.

John Wayne is THE MAN! – 2016

How can you not love John Wayne?!? He is my hall pass and yes I do know he’s dead but whatever. I’m starting the year off weighing in at 151.8lbs so it’s time to get ready for some changes. Replying to comments on Youtube has not been a successful thing lately but I’m sure they will fix it soon.

When you get items from the freezer at the store do you reach in the back? We always do. We put out Christmas decorations away at the start of the new year. When do you put away your decorations?

ActivMotion Weight Bar – 2015

The start of the new year is great for all the vacation time I get but I hate to use it. I’m so stingy with my time. There is a 2 week cold/flu and I can’t get sick so I’m being extra careful to avoid it. The new year always makes me want to perfect my goals but sometimes I feel like I’m putting too much on my plate. Have you ever heard of the ActivMotion Weight Bar? It’s pretty cool! It’s a weight bar and the weights move inside it.

It’s Snowing – 2014

I have a vacation coming up soon. The plan is to recharge at the start of the year so I plan my vacation for the first full week of the year. I think we can all use a vacation in January to recharge. I’m adjusting to my new schedule that started at the beginning of the year. We are expecting snow but luckily we have a garage to put my car in. Greg made me wear heels today but it’s all good ;). The snow is coming down. I love it so much! It’s like a real live snow globe. The snow messed up my gym plans. Yay for my Victoria Secret haul.

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