January 27th Day In The Life

January 27th Day In The Life

January 27th Day In The Life

They Will Come For You and Your Entire Family – 2018

Greg and I went to the UPS store to check our box and went to Red Lobster for lunch. It was a fun day of running errands with a good lunch thrown in the mix. We stopped at a shoe store Greg wanted to check out and we ran across an Amish family. We have some interesting Amish stories. The last time we saw an Amish woman and she pulled her baby out of the back of her car once she was done shopping at Big Lots. One thing I do remember from watching Amish Mafia is that you can’t record them or the will come for you and your entire family. You gotta be careful 

Digger Is Losing His Hair – 2017

The start of the year is going well and my body is adjusting to this keto diet really well. I’m proud of what changes I’m made in such a short time. I’m not as strict as I use to be years ago when I was in competition prep. So, I’m still on plan but doing things differently this time around. Greg is being super helpful with my diet and we have meal prepped. Greg is doing all my measurements. We are doing this thing! DIgger is losing his hair too. We will keep you updated on that. He is losing patches of skin but the vet is going to do some testing to see what is could be. 

My Car Is Free – 2016

Today was all about working outside and moving that snow around. Greg’s hands look rough from all the shovling he has been doing. 

First Class of the Semester – 2014

Today is my first math class of the semester. It’s a hybrid class and not what I was expecting. It’s a math class with a babysitter. I guess that’s the easiest way to explain it to you. It’s odd and I’m not sure how this will be because I really wanted to have this as a face-to-face class with a teacher actually teaching the class. 

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