January 26th Day In The Life

January 26th Day In The Life

2 for 1 With Pretty Colors – 2018

My focus is on my mental and physical health. I’ve been taking pictures of my medicine and sending it to Greg as proof that I’m taking my blood pressure medicine. If I don’t send him a picture he will send me a reminder. It was a little scary when I got a nose bleed and from what I found on google it was not good news so I’m keeping track of that now too. Greg bought me this cute color changing egg humidifier for my desk at work. I’m loving it and it’s so pretty and calming.

Thanks for Coming In – 2016

We had a massive snowstorm and there was a squirrl out hunting for food and I was lucky enough to get some footage of that. I had to make the voyage into the office e even though we had a state of emergency. I refused to use my own time so I ended up taking Greg’s truck to work a few hours. They gave us pizza to shut us up and thank us for making it in to the office so I guess that’s something…

A Side of Plastic – 2014

The start to my online classes are not going well. This is the most frustrating experience but I’m trying to make the best of it. Maybe I just need a glass of wine to get through it all. Ater dealing with the school IT department I may need a bottle of wine instead. I’m not sure why some teachers hate online training so much. If I could take a few years off life and just go to school I would but I have a life to live around my school schedule. Digger is treated like a spoiled child but you can’t blame me after you see how adorable he is wrapped up in his baby blanket. Greg and I went out to eat at Cracker Barrel and there was plastic in my food. I’m so grossed out and these type of things always happen to me. 

Prepping for My Closet Video Finally  – 2013

I have so many samples of supplements to try so I’m going to cycle through those and let you know my thoughts. We were expecting snow today so I wanted to get all my running around done before the snow started to fall. Greg helped me get my closet together and I decided to take the time this evening to do my closet video so I can show you what my room looks like. I curled my hair for y’all too. Do you feel special?

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