January 25th Day In The Life

January 25th Day In The Life

January 25th Day In The Life

Digger Is In The Doghouse – 2018

I’m keeping my blood pressure in check and trying to workout and do all the things I need to do to keep my health a priority. It’s so important that I take care of myself first and not let work stress me out to the point of death. My salt intake is usually a problem so I’m trying to use Mrs. Dash seasonings instead of adding so much salt to my food. Digger was sitting on the couch like he got scolded and I assume it’s beacuse Digger must have marked something. I just walked away to avoid to confrontation. 

I Love Me More – 2016

We are checking out the aftermath damage from the snowstorm and it was a good one. We managed to clean a spot so Digger can go outside. It’s been a shovel out mode kinda day. We managed to get out of the driveway in case I have to make it into the office tomorrow. The Toyota Tacoma is surprisingly really good in the snow.

I’m having a rough day and to top it all off I broke my tooth. I just need a break from life for a little while.

Major News – 2015

This is one of the happiest days of my life. Greg and I have major news!!! They accepted the offer we made on the house and will be moving. They want to close on the house in less than 30 days so we will see how quickly we can make this whole process go. I can’t even explain how excited I am right now!

Not Impressed With Oxygen Magazine – 2014

When the weather gets colder I just prefer to live in sweats and yoga pants all day long. Let’s call it Dawn hibernation mode.

I’m going to start cleaning my makeup brushes with baby shampoo and remember I’m still new to all this makeup stuff. It’s a learning process even though I’m no longer a spring chicken.

Oh, the Polar Bear Plunge has been canceled due to the weather being too cold. Call me crazy but ain’t the point of a Polar Bear Plunge that it’s cold outside?!!? What is this world coming to??? Bunch of babies.

Do you read Oxygen magazine? I think I will cancel my subscription because it’s gone away from what it was. I just want a good fitness magazine with people who share the same goals that I have. They have changed too much for me and it’s not for the better. I hope they can find their way back to what it once was.

A quick video while I get my pre-workout drink together. I use jak3d for my pre workout and now I have Big Bitch Formula for a protein powder. I mix everything with cold water instead of using milk or almond butter. I don’t use a lot of water either. I mix until I have the consistency I want and to be honest I just want to get it down. I tend to eyeball the mixture instead of measuring it all out. Today was a bi and tri workout because my goal at the moment is to gain muscle.

Greg and I are making chili for dinner so we can have leftovers during the football game also.

Pre and Post Workout Chat – 2013

I decided to make a video before heading out to the gym for my workout. I really love my preworkout jack3d because it realy gives me the energy I need to get through it all. I just did my normal rambles that I’m so famous for. lol

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