January 24th Day In The Life

January 24th Day In The Life

January 24th Day In The Life

High Alert Health Scare – 2018

We have all the peppers growing from seeds. We have white ghosts, scorpions, red ghost, carolina reapers and more growing with the heat map. Today I checked my blood pressure and it was 166/115 and this is really high. I went to work and when I did some research I realized how bad it was after I did a google search. I need to get my act together before something really bad happens. 

Snowmegeddon 2016 – 2016

We are snowed in and there is not much of an option to leave at this point. There is snow everywhere and we are not even close to being done. Digger is a bit confused with all this fluffy white stuff. I did my best to dig out. Thanks, goodness for my headphones and Niki Minaj. We tried to flag a plow down for some help but they basically said: “screw you, Dawn”.

House Shopping – 2015

I’m starting to tighten the diet a bit more and keeping the carbs low because that is what works best for me. Greg and I sent a check in the mail as good faith money on our offer on the house. We also went to Home Depot to look at some ideas on what we can do to the house if they accept our offer. This is such an exciting time and we should know more by the weekend.

New Vlogging Camera – 2014

I’m back to the gym after being down with the flu so I’m taking it a little easy today. The sunrise is blinding. I wonder what happens to people at the start of the year because it’s cold and once you miss a few days you lose the good habits. It makes you wonder if that could be it.

I carry so much crap with me on a daily basis that it’s almost embarrassing. The ground is covered in ice and it’s hard to walk with all my bags.

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