January 22nd Day In The Life

January 22nd Day In The Life

January 22nd Day In The Life

I Never Should Have Received a 1099 – 2018

My old company sent me a 1099 for taxes and I never should have received a 1099. They are idiots and clueless but that is real estate for you. I was on the phone with them and they annoyed me to no end. On another note I took some pre-workout and my tongue turned blue. I just want to get my taxes done but I’m afraid because we are going to owe a lot because I pulled all my 401k out of my savings and they tax you to death on that. Oh, we have also started growing peppers from the seeds that we saved from last season. 

Ice Cream for the Win – 2016

Greg set up a nightlight in the kitchen so we don’t need to turn the light on each time we walk into the kitchen. It was a mint chocolate ice cream type of night. It was a nice change from the norm.

It was hard to sleep due to the snow plows being out and digger barking at them all night. I just really need a good night’s sleep.

Poor Innocent Digger NOT – 2015

First, I want to let you know that Digger has some sharp teeth for a Chihuahua. They are calling for some major snowfalls this week. We made an offer of the house and at this point it’s a waiting game. We put an offer in 50,000 less than they are asking so it may not happen. We have to consider all the work that we have to put into the house so we can’t overspend. I just want to embrace the whole retro feel of the house.

We spoke to our realtor tonight and now we just need to figure out finances. It’s just money so we will figure it out. Lol. I love the area and have high hopes at this point.

Snow Cleanup – 2014

Digging out from the snow and it was only 5 degrees outside and that’s odd for Maryland. We usually are around 30 degrees when it snows but not today. I had to drive myself to work because Greg was tired of being my chauffeur.

1/22 – 2013

The day was a freezing 16 degrees this morning. Work has been pretty difficult lately and I’m trying my best to keep a positive attitude. So I scheduled an appointment with a new dentist and I love his attitude. He worked on Greg in the past and he was amazing with him. I still have my wisdom teeth and I guess we will need to remove them at some point. Now that my weight is under control I can face the other things I need to take care of like getting glasses, visit with the OBGYN and now the dentist.

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