January 21st Day In The Life

January 21st Day In The Life

January 21st Day In The Life

Checking Out a Frozen Waterfall – 2018

We cruised out to the mountains to see the frozen waterfalls. We also came acoss some chickens trying to cross the road. The mountains are so cool ih the winter with left over snow and ice. It’s so beautiful. 

Driving in the Snow – 2016

It’s snowing again. The roads were a little messy but I drove slow and made it home safe after work. We plan on staying in the house and keeping warm while we watch the pretty snowfall. It’s the best thing you can do on days like this.

I’ve Got A Chauffeur – 2014

It was a short day in the office because they closed due to snow heading our way. Greg picked me up from work so I would not have to drive in the mess out there. We are still fighting off the flu.

Pet Peeve: Trainers That Hoard Weights – 2013

I stayed up late to see who was going to make it to the Super Bowl and now both of my teams have made it! I’ve always loved the 49ers and the Ravens are my home team so YAY!!! It’s going to be an exciting game for sure. I’m cracking the whip for my workouts and just working a lot. Obama is having his second inauguration so traffic was different today. The weather was a little bit of a winter mix so I was dealing with that today also.

When I went to the gym today I realized that the trainers annoy me when they hoard all the weights. Why do they feel that they can take the weights and pile them up even if they are not using them? They are also terrible at putting things back. Ugh!!!

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