January 20th Day In The Life

January 20th Day In The Life

January 20th Day In The Life

Minor Jeep Wrangler Problems and Meal Prep – 2018

I decided to go to the gym for fasted cardio this morning. I think it’s good to get out of the house for my workouts. I’ve been updating the blog with my daily vlogs and trying to get all that organized. Greg and I went out for the afternoon but his Jeep Wrangler was acting up. He scanned it and it seems that it may have something to do wth immisions but we will see what happens. I just kept my fingers crossed and prayed that it would not leave us stranded. Once we got back home we did meal prep on the grill. We finished the night up with date night on the couch and a fire going in the pellet stove. 

Shopping Adventure – 2016

We checked out the outlets in Gettysburg and they have so many outlet stores. I’m loving it and plan on going back again soon. Greg and I also stopped for lunch and had a peaceful afternoon. I’m digging this new schedule I’m on. The new schedule gives us an opportunity to explore our new surroundings.

My Thoughts on the Retro House – 2015

After sleeping on the idea of moving to the retro house I realized that I really like it. I’ve been searching retro styles on Esty and Pinterest all day long. To make a long story short, we sent a message to our realtor and told him what our offer is and we will see what happens. The house is growing on me very quickly. This is going to be so much fun if we can make it happen. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Flu Is Back With Revenge – 2014

I did some running intervals this morning and now I have the urge to run a 5k. The online classes are not available to view yet and I really wanted to get a head start on the syllabus. Oh well, I’m still feeling a little sick so maybe I just need to relax before classes start anyways.

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