January 1st Day In The Life

January 1st Day In The Life

January 1st Day In The Life

Christmas Is Packed Away – 2018

Happy New Year and welcome 2018! It’s a new year and my home gym is all cleaned up and ready to use. Greg and I went out to eat and he bought me some snow boots. All we need now is some snow. We put the Christmas decorations away and we are ready to start 2018 with a positive outlook.

That Daily Vloggin’ Thang – 2017

I always start the year off with good intentions and they seem to fall off after a short time. Maybe one of these days I will figure it all out. Oh, don’t you love when your boss take a snow day but makes you come in for the day?

We were looking at red wine glasses so we can let the wine breath but I’m not sure I give it enough time in the glass for that. I must work on that. Do you let your wine breath? Life is so great when you have a Jeep in it.

We closed 2 major chapters in our life this year. One was to sell our old house and the other was for me to quit my job with Verizon Wireless after 11 years and I accomplished both of those things.

We are at the old age when we could care less about staying up to see the new year. It will still be there tomorrow…right?!

I Hope You’re Not Hungover – 2016

Long drives into work but managing to get as much done as possible. I’m not sure when my nail polish chips as much as it does. I guess it’s possible the brand may not be the best but I could also be to blame.

I keep a good collection of differently flavored gum at my desk at all times. Do you have a favorite flavour? I like the cherry starburst but the smell is kinda gross so don’t breath when you first take it out. In my opinion, it smells like baby vomit but the flavour of the gum is really good. I wonder if I’m the only one to feel that way about that flavour.

Starting 2015 Sick – 2015

Hey, it’s not the best way to start a new year but what are you gonna do?! I’m not a fan of the Cellucor peach mango flavor. I wish it would mix together better. I tried to make it work by having water in my shaker first and then adding the powder but it still did not work.

My face is breaking out a lot lately so I’m going without makeup to give my face a breather. I’m part of that gallon jug club and doing great for the start of the year. I have a hard time working with the Fitbit and having it calculate my steps. I really feel like I need to just move and not pay attention to it so much. LA Fitness really needs a wifi connection so I can read cooking magazines while I’m on the step mill because I’m gangsta like that.

A new year means a lot of cleaning that needs to happen but it feels so good once you’re done.

Hello 2014 – 2014

Hello 2014! Well, hello and Happy New Years! Greg and I are not starting the year off on a healthy foot but today is a chill relaxing kind of day. I have a staycation coming up next week. I plan on getting my hair done and I have a doctor appointment because Greg is concerned about my blood pressure. My college classes start up soon too.

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