High Blood Pressure and Taking Care Of Me First

January 19th Day In The Life

January 19th Day In The Life

High Blood Pressure and Taking Care Of Me First – 2019

It will be a short work week because I have a vacation coming up next week. I was working in my planner and I’m keeping track of my blood pressure. One of my goals for the year is to get my blood pressure under control.

This year is all about taking care of me first. I can’t be my best self if I don’t take care of myself. Right?!

Walmart Dot Com Fail – 2018

Greg ordered a fishing rod from walmart online and they sent him a curtain rod (an expensive) one instead. Lol. Major Walmart dot com fail. Greg changed my jeep headlights and they are much brighter. I’m loving them so much right now. 

Organizing the Closet – 2016

It’s freezing outside and a bitter cold plus the door is frozen shut. I cleaned the closet up and came across a sweatshirt that a friend’s husband airbrushed for me. It’s got Betty Boop on the back and it’s the exact tattoo I wanted to get on my leg. Betty has her leg up on the fire hydrant and the hose between her legs and she is in a sexy little outfit. So awesome!

The Retro House – 2015

Today was the day we went to look at the inside of the house. I will admit that I was a bitch when we were there because I honestly do not think it will work out even if we want the house. The house does have some pretty cool retro feels to it.

Football – 2014

It’s Sunday and that means nothing matters but football today. Classes start tomorrow and I’m back to working out twice a day. See ya tomorrow!

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