January 18th Day In The Life

January 18th Day In The Life

Time To Find Digger a New Vet – 2018

It is time to find Digger a new vet because we don’t feel that the current place is treating him properly. Sometime you just have to go with your gut feeling. 

Considering a Food Challenge – 2017

Digger loves to come greet me when I get home but when he steps out in the cold will just stay at the door. Poor thing but he also won’t let me put one of those cute Chihuahua sweaters on him either. I can’t win.

Greg made breakfast and we can hardly eat that without getting full. So, I decided it would be a good idea to do the 10,000 calorie challenge. I’m not sure we could do it but it sounds fun. lol

Digger Talks Politics – 2016

We got our first official snow of the season where the snow is actually sticking to the ground. It’s really pretty. I tried to bribe Digger to eat his food but it wasn’t happening. Greg worked on making shepard’s pie for dinner while I made cucumber for the week. So, I’m really going to get together all the items for a focus basket.

Digger and I watched the Democratic debate but he seems confused by it all. Hillary, Bernie and Martin (out old governor) all took part in the debate tonight. Bernie seems cool but not sure I agree with free stuff for all. I was always taught that nothing in life is free because it will come out somewhere you don’t want it to.

Don’t Poop on My Head – 2015

I’m not sure why they say that when a bird poops on you it’s good luck because that seems like a bunch of bad luck if you ask me. Greg and I took off for the day to check out some homes but before we got far he stopped the truck and saw that there was oil all over the inside of the truck. He was not happy! We drove back home and decided to take my car instead. They made a mess when they changed his oil.

There was one home that we liked from the outside. It’s a huge home, brick and one story with a basement. I don’t think it would be one that we would get because it just seems too nice. A lot of work needed but it has potential. Tomorrow we will get to see the inside of the home. We did a little shopping and we may have found a house to buy but our luck has not been great with finding anything. This home is not a foreclosure so it may turn out well for us. We just don’t want to be disappointed again.

Mall Haul – 2014

I’m so hyper today. My glasses came in and they are super cute. The 90s station was jamming today and got my excited. Guess who can totally rock overalls?!? ME!!!! I’m such a 90s girl at heart. I went shopping for a bit because when Greg cleans white clothes he kicks me out of the house because I’m allergic to bleach. I did a quick shopping haul after we came back from the mall.

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