Rude Salt Trucks

January 17th Day In The Life

January 17th Day In The Life

Rude Salt Trucks – 2018

The roads looked messy but they were not bad once I started to drive on them. I thought I left my headphones at home and I was right. There were some rude salt trucks on the road and it threw salt at my jeep and it made me mad. Some people are just rude. We got some more snow at night but I’m sure it won’t amount to much. 

Hubby Is Spoiled – 2017

The hunger pains are real today. We did some stock up today and picked up a bunch of tissues, pickles, spices and all that good stuff. Greg is now the proud owner of a trolley motor for his boat so he can use his foot to move the boat around. He also picked up a few other items for fishing. I swear he is almost as spoiled as me.

We Start on Saturday – 2016

I’m trying to adjust my workout based on the days off that I have. There has to be a better way to make it all work and that it’s what I’m working towards. Another lazy Sunday but I did manage to put together a new intro.

Why Does Ground Turkey Smell So Bad – 2015

I bagged up my meals for the day. Ground turkey smells awful when it’s in the fridge and it drives Greg insane. Greg surprised me with a wonderful dinner. Oh, look at my cute Betty Boop footed pjs. I was still trying to get all my water in late at night so now I know I will be in the bathroom all night. Grrr!


I learned that the parts used to make ground turkey are the leftover parts they would normally throw out and I never took the time to re-edit this video to explain that. Apparently, there are many people who wondered the same thing. I will leave you with a comment that was left on my video that explains why ground turkey smells so bad.

A Family of Thieves – 2014

Our freezer is working now that we cleaned the coils. Oh, Greg went to a local store and was accused of stealing and a child ran out after him. This all happened after the woman tried to steal an extra dollar from him. It really is time for us to move from this area. The people are here are crazy. They tried to steal from us and accuse us of stealing. Insane…

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