I Gave Birth 21 Years Ago Today

January 16th Day In The Life

January 16th Day In The Life

I Gave Birth 21 Years Ago Today – 2018

I finished my last book and now I’m starting Kelly Osborne There Is No F*cking secret. I’m already highlighting things in the book and I’m only getting started. Yeah, I do highlight in my personal books. It is my daughter’s 21st birthday today, 

The Cowboys Are Driving Me Insane – 2017

We watched the Dallas Cowboys game and they are stressing me out. It was another meal prep kinda day and the keto diet is going well. I’m tracking measurements. The old apple watch is officially sold and I’m glad we were able to get a little money from it. The vent over the oven lets in a lot of cold air so we tried to cover it up with an aluminum pan cover and some magnets. Sometimes you have to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Macro counting is really helping me because I can add yummy food and still stay under the carbs I’m allowed to have.

Taking Care of my Diggy Pooh – 2016

Digger is not feeling well again so I cut my work day short to be with him. He is feeling better now that he went to the bathroom so that’s good news. Greg is still working his butt off in the basement trying to get everything organized.

Mr Tax Man Get’s Nothing – 2015

I decided to take half the day off work to get my taxes done. It’s the first time in a long time that we have not had to pay back anything. It just feels good to have taxes done and we won’t have to worry about it again until next year. Greg also found the axe body spray I was looking for. We did a little bit of meal prep and that was the end of our day. We will see ya again tomorrow.

Open Invite to Khaleef – 2015

Today is a salon day and Greg loves when I surprise him with different colors (not really). We have snow falling again. I have all my meals planned out and packed for the day. We tried some cherry wine from New Jersey and it was good and fruity. This wine thing is getting good to me.

Skeletons Are Out Of The Closet – 2014

We are both coming down with the flu but I wanted to get some things off my chest today. It’s my daughter’s birthday and she is now 17 years old. I wanted to explain what has happened in the past and why she is no longer living with us. There is so much family drama that I actually call it the Jerry Springer effect. It’s a crazy story but it is my life.

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