The Food Scale Will Have You Cursing Like a Sailor

January 15th Day In The Life

January 15th Day In The Life

The Food Scale Will Have You Cursing Like a Sailor – 2018

I packed up my cooler before I went ot run a few errands. I checked my macros and I’m starting them in the evening so dinner is my first meal and they I work around what is left over. Today I got my nails done and ran to Aldi’s and Home Goods. I tried to use the new food scale but I’m ready to throw it against the wall to break it.

I took my 6 pack cooler with me while I ran my errands and the simple rule is if it is not in the cooler I can’t eat it. It’s as simple as that. I use to carry packets of hot sauce and mustard with me so I could change up the taste of different things. I think I will have some What I Eat In A Day videos coming your way soon too. I’m going to work on holding myself accountable to y’all. 

Ten Minutes to Dry Hair – 2017

It only takes me 10 minutes to dry my hair and that’s a miracle for my hair type. Greg bought me a hair dryer brush that I’m not sure how I’ve lived this long without it. I’m taking my gallon water jug with me everywhere and Greg wrote “work it baby” to give me that little extra push. We have ice falling and Greg asked me to stop at Sears to pick up something he bought. The store hours on the internet are not correct and I told them that but I don’t really think they cared.

I tried zoodles for the first time with walden farms tomato basil and it was amazing. I found a new meal idea and I’m super excited about it. So, we added two more Betty Boop figures to my collection.

Too Cool for These Classes – 2016

I want to take tomorrow off work but I have no idea what kind of winter storms we will have and here in Maryland we usually get hit the worst in March and April. I started my workday off the same way I do every day and that’s with editing my vlog.

Digger stole my chicken. He loves when I add salsa to it and goes nuts when he smells it. I’m putting together my focus basket on items I need to pay attention to next month. My glasses came in today and Greg picked them up for me. I kinda wish they would provide a better case to hold them in.

I Was Attacked – 2015

I’m jamming to Meghan Trainor today while I was at work. I’m also planning on cutting carbs from my diet again once the rice I have cooked is gone. It was an extremely short vlog today so I’m sorry about that. See ya next time!

Leg Day – 2014

Today is Wednesday and because I helped Greg pick up his new truck I was not able to get my leg workout done. I decided to change things up and instead of cardio (it’s my cardio day), I will do legs instead. No excuses needed just making sure I get it all in.

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