Growing Peppers, Car Vlog and Snow

January 14th Day In The Life

January 14th Day In The Life

Growing Peppers, Car Vlog and Snow – 2019

We started growing the peppers from seeds 12 days ago and they are already starting to show signs of life. Greg and I went out to get points for the Job Spotter app. Greg has a goal of getting all his Jeep tires from the money we make off this app.

We got a little bit of snow and it makes me so happy. I love how beautiful it is when it’s falling down.

I’m a Decimal Kinda Girl – 2018

I’m not feeling this new scale because there are no decimals and everything is in fractions and I hate fractions. We did bag up dinner so we can have them in the freezer for some quick meal options in the future. 

Having Some Feels – 2017

All the salt on the road is making my jeep soft top look gross. I need to clean Betty (I named my jeep) but not sure when I will be able to with all the cold moving in.

Greg made spicy chicken for my meals this week so that will be helpful in keeping this keto diet on track. So, I also checked my keto strips and I’m in ketosis at the moment so that’s exciting. My workouts need to pick up the pace. So, with the progress on the food front adding in good workout sessions will be a plus. Today was a bit of a struggle but I can push through it.

It’s Hard to Get Started – 2016

I did not get much sleep last night so I’m exhausted and work is stressful. I could use some good vibes to get through the week. Digger knows how to play us every single time. I’m sick and people at work are kind enough to let me know I look like crap. So, I have a little bit of an identity crisis because I want to compete and I feel so far removed from that lifestyle now. I need to figure out where my focus should be. My focus is on trying to organize my life at the moment. It’s to a point where I’m annoying myself and I don’t want to annoy Y’all in the process. It looks like I need to take a step back and refocus.

A Quick Storytime – 2015

My grandson Tyler came over today and all he wanted to do was clean Digger’s ears with a q-tip and Digger was not having any parts of it. So, I told y’all he’s not a cute pup. We kept the vlog short and simple today.

Zumba and Shopping – 2014

Today I took the most boring Zumba class of my entire life. This weekend is pretty boring because I’ve got classes to study for and homework to do. On a good note I know what I want to wear to the Ralphie May show. I ran through town to pick up some items for Greg’s Valentine’s Day gift. I’m feeling a bit artistic and I’m channeling my mom with all this stuff. She loved scrapbooking and taking photos.

Greg Is My Pickup Man – 2013

I’m getting my workouts in. Morning workouts are the best and make me feel amazing. So, Greg bought a new truck tonight and even though he has always been a chevy guy he decided on a Toyota so it’s a bit strange to him but he’s loving it so far.

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