Digger Likes Chicken and Pasta

January 13th Day In The Life

January 13th Day In The Life

Digger Likes Chicken and Pasta – 2018

We have snow coming down even thought it was in the ’60s just a day ago. Greg and I watched murder shows all day because I’m obsessed with them. The mail came today and we have a greenhouse so greg can grow our peppers from seeds this year on a heated pad. We will have to see how it works and let you know how it all goes. Greg made chicken and pasta and Digger gave his seal of approval. 

It’s All About The Food – 2017

Greg is still making my meals for me and breakfast was hard boiled eggs, sausage and ghost pepper cheese on top. It’s been all about the keto healthy foods lately. He is spicing up my foods and I’m loving it. I got a quick workout in but did not feel like I wanted to go to the gym so I did my workout in the basement.

East coast weather is the strangest even for me and I’ve lived in Maryland since I was 5 years old.

Finding My Old Motivation – 2016

It’s my day off work so I took my time getting to the gym. It was a full body workout kinda day. I’m super out of shape and it’s kind of embarrassing so I’m trying to work through this. I need to figure out where I lost it and start to push forward.

We got some flurries today and I was able to video a little before it all went away. I get excited even over a few flurries. Greg bought me a hello kitty bathmat that is super cute. I’m loving it and he got a great deal on it.

When you have an old kitchen with old cabinet you get a lack of space. People did not have economy size items like they do today. I cleaned up the cabinets and countertops. It was not perfect but it did look better. I did some meal prep and some of the snow even stuck to the ground. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Easy Cucumber Snacks – 2015

Don’t you love when the bathroom in a store is clean? It makes my day. I think it would be good to have an app where people can give you a heads up on where the clean bathrooms are located. I desperately need to clean my spice cabinet because it looks ridiculous.

The Ravens are a playoff team because they can only make it to playoffs and not the Superbowl. Greg cleaned out the candle holder so I can put all my chapstick in there to keep organized. I’m making good use of the leftover pickle juice we have by slicing up cucumbers and placing them in the jar for the pickle flavor. I have some spicy pickles that I love but I found that we can extend the use of the jars this way.

Zumba Stinks – 2014

When I meal prep I like to put my food in baggies so everything is grab and go ready. Having everything ready to go is essential to having a good meal day. Greg picked up some new items from the food store for us to try. I’m in love with the Planters peanut butter flavors in banana granola crunch and there is a cherry one that I like a lot too. Have you tried any of these new flavors?

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