January 12th Day In The Life Pay With a Credit Card Because It's Free

January 12th Day In The Life

January 12th Day In The Life

Pay With a Credit Card Because It’s Free – 2018

We started our morning out with our normal omelet with onion, peppers and lots of spicy peppers. Today is the last day of my staycation and Greg and I ran a few errands. We needed to hit a few stores to look for some Christmas presents even though it’s January. Somehow we ended up looking at furniture because what we have now really suck. 

I Want To Pee On A Ketone Strip – 2017

If I’m going to do this keto thing I should try to strips that you can pee on. I want to see how fast my body reacts to the keto diet. The company I work for lets us follow the school schedule so when the schools close for snow or ice we do not come into the office. It was nice to have the day off and head out for a day of shopping. Greg and I even went to 3 hogs for some of our favorite bbq.

So, did I mention that Greg is using mega data because we have unlimited data so he wants to see how much he can use in one month. We are shopping and all the sudden I hear Soprano’s playing the background because Greg had it playing on his phone.

My Blanket Was Stolen – 2016

I cleaned the toilets before heading out to the office but my car is what really needs attention. I have body spray in my car at all times that I can use to freshen the car or myself. Let me know if you do the same thing.

Greg bought a new blanket for me but digger stole it before I could even get home from the office. That was kinda messed up if you ask me. We got some new pans for the stove because we are having a hard time finding something that won’t bend due to the heat. We have to find something that works. So, the plant seems to like the new pot we put her in so that’s some good news.

Oh, do you add pickle juice to your meals? I love doing that and Greg just recently came around to my way of thinking. I add it for meat for a different flavor.

Build a Burger – 2015

Greg and I closed a credit union account that he had to set up when he sold his red nova. We also went to Fuddruckers for a burger and Greg added a little bit of everything on the burger we shared. Digger got a banana with his medicine sprinkled on top. He gets something called comfortis to fight off fleas. It’s the only way we can get his to take his meds.

Prepping for the Week – 2014

I’m still on vacation and apparently, I can’t keep track of my days. I went through my gym bag to show you some of the things I take with me when I workout I keep a spibelt, wordlock and other items so check out the video. Let me know what you take with you to the gym.

I have my new measurements for this week that I want to share with you.

Weight: 132.2

Neck: 12.3

Bicep: 9.8

Forearm: 6.4

Chest: 36.6

Small Waist: 29.4

Waist: 33.6

Hips: 38.1

Thigh: 20

Calf: 13.9

That’s all I’ve got for you today.

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