A Cracker Conspiracy

January 11th Day In The Life

January 11th Day In The Life

A Cracker Conspiracy – 2018

We went to Walmart to look for crackers but they did not have the Walmart brad that Greg likes. It seems like they hide the walmart brand at the start of each year and will only sell the expensive brands. Greg feels like it’s a conspiracy. We bought a new dirt devil and Greg will do a full review later. 

A Full Work Week – 2017

Greg is going to start eating some keto meals with me that he’s interested in trying. It’s good that he is willing to try new things. It was another long day at work and I’m just trying to make it through to tomorrow. I’m tired and I also missed my leg day but the plan is to listen to my body until I start feeling better.

It Ain’t So Sexy – 2016

We tried the skinny pop but are not impressed because it leaves a bit of an aftertaste and powder film on the roof of my mouth. I put away a bunch of pictures of my mom and daughter and even my mom’s death certificate and I did not even cry so I feel like that was a productive weekend. I’m proud I did not break down and cry. It gets easier with time.

Dawn Is Awesome – 2015

I have a few gift cards that I need to spend this weekend when Greg and I go out. Greg has expanded on what he will try. It’s been difficult in the past to get him to try new things. So, I had a co-worker tell me that white people don’t eat leftovers and I was speechless. How do they think I manage to meal prep all week long? It’s amazing some of the things I hear from my co-workers.

Greg cleaned out an old candle jar so I have a place I can store my chapsticks. My collection is getting insane. We were watching Fox tonight and there is a woman who lets her baby play on the floor with a python. That is just too insane for words.

Tyler Learns How To Play Checkers – 2014

It was a quiet day and Tyler came over so Greg was teaching him how to play checkers. I went to the mall with a girlfriend so we could exchange Christmas gifts and do a little shopping. It was a nice day but not a lot to vlog about.

If The Ravens Win You Can Thank Me – 2013

I’m finishing up this vacation week and had a wonderful time. I got my hair done but we took the purple out because I feel like that was bringing the Raven’s bad luck. If the Raven’s win you can thank me for taking the purple out of my hair.

During my staycation, I tried to organize the blog a little and added comment love. I also took my first yoga class EVER and it was a hot yoga class. My friend Monica told me it was a 60-minute class but it was really 90 minutes.  It was a lot of fun. Greg and I went shopping and we ate at Red Robin for the first time ever. Greg and I made this amazing past mac and cheese dish and I can’t wait to share it with Y’all. I also went to karaoke for the first time ever. I was knocking out some bucket list items

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